If you would like to broaden your horizons & go another step up the ladder, you can add a multi-engine piston rating to the single-engine piston rating that you already have.

Conington is unusual in that we own and operate our own multi-engined aircraft. This means that we can offer it to our club members at an extremely competitive price. The Duchess (Be76), G-GCCL is a very stable and well behaved training aircraft that also offers good single engine climb performance.

This course would provide a new rating for your licence and whilst it is often undertaken as a career move on the way to (or in conjunction with) a professional licence, there are plenty of PPL holders who obtain & enjoy them. There is a minimum flying hours requirement (P1) of 70 hours before you can apply for the rating & the course is taught to a syllabus laid down by the CAA. Come & talk to us if you would like details or book a flight with Graeme to see if you like it! As with all of our courses and aircraft, you can book a flight for the experience without any obligation to complete the whole course. The course includes ground school, a theory exam (with multi choice answers) and also, a flying exam.

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