Radio Navigation

compasspointsThe JAR PPL course gives each PPL student  a taste of radio navigation & instrument flying but if you have done the NPPL you may have done a lot less.

If you want to develop your Radio Navigation skills we teach a course to do just this. It doesn’t allow you to fly in IMC conditions but it does teach you to use all of the navigation kit available to aid with your VFR navigation. The course that we normally run is for 5 hours & includes tracking to & from Nav aids, position fixing & using en route nav aids (both on & off track).
If you want less than 5 hours or more than 5 hours the choice is yours. This is not a rating, it is a course that you can tailor to suit your needs & there is no test to pass. Not only does it refresh your navigation skills, it revisits the need for accurate flying which can be very rewarding.

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